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Bipolar- how can I help my sister?

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Polywhirl Tue 30-Jul-13 11:03:15

My BIL has type 2 BP - he has just been sectioned following a second manic episode within a month. First one pretty bad - a missing person for over a week.
Previously (as far as we know) he has only had 3 other manic episodes. From what I can tell Mental Health Services have been pretty rubbinsh where she lives and have failed to act when she has sought help. She is currently at a point where she is wondering if she can continue with this - she has a 2yo DD and no real support close by - I'm 4 hrs away, DM 2 hrs. Where do people find support? How do people move forward and live with this? What coping strategies do they use? How can I help?
Thank you

Snipface Tue 30-Jul-13 14:17:41

I'm sorry to hear about your sister and her dh. My dh has just been diagnosed bp, though he is more depressed than manic, and he was in hospital for a few days recently. I have also struggled with mental health services here, they seem terribly stretched and have only given us help when I (not dh) have rung and demanded it. Does your sisters dh have a care coordinator, is she getting any information from them? If not perhaps you (if she is too drained) could speak to them and explain that they need help and find out what is available. I know there are a lot of online support forums for bipolar carers, though I haven't been on any yet. There may also be local groups. Are you or your mum or any other family able to go and stay with your sister for a few days to help her while her dh is in hospital? Or have her stay with you (or look after her dd). Does she have any child care usually - I confided in my childminder and she took my two for extra days/ hours so I could visit and get things sorted.
Sorry I don't have many answers, but I think making sure your sister knows she can turn to you to talk and that you can reassure her that treatment will help her dh, is a big thing.

Polywhirl Tue 30-Jul-13 16:48:36

Thank you for your reply. Sorry you are going through a similar thing. I am off to stay later this week mum is there at the moment. I will look for some support forums as I think the biggest issue is managing it over a longer term- I think she thought they could do it and now have a massive set back. They do have a contact but it happened over the w/ e and couldn't get hold of anyone and it happened quickly. So I will persue that area
Hope you get through your tough times.

Snipface Tue 30-Jul-13 17:46:18

Bipolar uk has a section for family and friends, and has a lot of people sharing their experiences (including many who have been married a long time - I have been googling quite a lot recently..) they might be good places to start.
I hope things start to get better soon xx

Polywhirl Wed 31-Jul-13 12:00:56

Thank you I have had a quick look at those sites which have some good advice and links. I will have a proper look tonight and see whats out there. Best wishes.

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