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OCD, anxiety .... Help

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num3onway Tue 30-Jul-13 07:34:22

My partner and I recently seperated and I am feeling unsafe in my house at bed time. I am fine until right before I go to bed
Then I start obsessively checking locks checking the oven is off over and over again
Last night I found myself thinking of how I would get my children down the stairs and out of the house if it was on fire
Will this pass?
I am btw checking locks etc up to 20 times each

MissTweed Tue 30-Jul-13 07:47:21

I am an OCD sufferer a and do exactly the same 'checks' as you especially when stressed. I found it helpful to write (or print off) a list of the things you check then when you've checked each one tick it off. Take this piece of paper to bed with you to reassure you that you have already checked all the bits! I know this will sound mad to other (non OCD) people but I understand how annoying it is lying in bed thinking "did I check the oven?" Even when you know you did!! My first list started with each knob on the oven etc being listed seperetly then eventually got it down to just 'oven'.
Hope this helpssmile

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