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Rough few weeks

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BenedictCumberbitch Tue 30-Jul-13 18:59:25

That's good smile

Just take it one step at a time & hopefully treatment will make a decent impact thanks

Snipface Tue 30-Jul-13 12:08:21

Thank you, it does help. I am glad your uncle has got good treatment, it is reassuring to hear that treatment has helped him. I know it's never going to be plain sailing, but then whose life is, I suppose - everyone has things to deal with. Dh managed ok at work yesterday and my friend is having our dc's for a sleepover tonight so we can have some time for ourselves, hopefully we can look forward to some more normal time ahead.

BenedictCumberbitch Mon 29-Jul-13 11:51:23

Sorry to hear you've both had such an awful week or so.

Bipolar really is a dangerous MH issue when it's untreated and at a peak/trough. I don't think people realize how common suicide/suicidal fantasies and thoughts are with this, especially when untreated.

My uncle had it, seemingly undiagnosed from his early 20s. After a few suicide attempts (spanning a very long time, so massive gaps in between each 'episode' ) he eventually got treatment and is on lithium and something else (not sure of details). All I know from the outside is that he's much more stable than he was and doesn't go for nights without sleeping like he did or periods of extreme tiredness/lethargy. He has a gambling addiction which has also come under control during treatment.

Everyone's different but I feel that treatment was the best thing he could've done and it's a shame he had to suffer through his twenties and early thirties (he was too proud to admit he was having these episodes and just hid away). It's scary, because you never get any warning before a suicide attempt so I think the family are still all on edge a bit, especially when he's stressed or the kids are ill etc but he's much less likely to attempt it now he's not experiencing the extremes of the illness as badly.

All I can say is there are plenty of other families out there dealing with it who know just how scary it is at the time and how worrying it is, especially as it can come on so quickly out of nowhere.

Hope that's helped and isn't just rambling smile

Good luck to you and your DH

Best thing to do is make sure he sticks to the treatment and avoids unnecessary stress/any known triggers thanks

Snipface Mon 29-Jul-13 11:37:02

Hi, this is my first ever post on Mumsnet, but have been reading several threads and feels like this is a good place to be.. In the house on my own today as dh has just gone back to work after 3 weeks of hell..
He's had brief periods of severe depression before, and when I was pregnant with dd1 he went hypomanic (scared me to death). Then fine for 5 years. 2 years ago he had another depression, then 3 weeks ago he went from completely fine on Thursday morning, to overdose in a&e on Saturday night, like he literally fell off a cliff into the darkest place possible. He tried to cut his wrist with a knife in front of me, at which point I rang 999 as dd2 was upstairs ill asleep. Hospital for 5 days, which was horrendous, but he came out of suicidal thoughts with one dose of olanzapine & a nights sleep, & 3 weeks later on olanzapine & fluoxetine he is pretty much himself again. Now we have a clear bipolar diagnosis, and we are trying to cons to terms with a future that doesn't look like we expected it to. I am trying to carry on as normal but I'm very scared of this happening again. Usually he has years inbetween and episodes only last 2-3 weeks, so it's not had a big impact on out lives, indeed most people would have no idea it ever happened. He is really stable inbetween, a very chilled out contented man. I know how scared he is too, he wants to take lithium to stop this ever happening again but we have to wait 4 months to see the doc, and I'm not sure if the side effects outweigh the infrequency of his condition.
Thank you if you got this far. I think I just needed to put it down somewhere, we have very supportive family & friends but they don't know all the details as its no fair of me to share things about him that he doesn't want to. If anyone here is in a similar boat it would be nice to hear from you, or if anyone can give any insight into long term treatment & how if helps, would really appreciate it.

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