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Why can't I cope with others crying?

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GracieLoo Thu 18-Jul-13 19:54:20

Whenever I'm in a situation when people are emotional, I get really uncomfortable and end up looking like an unemotional cow as I don't know how to react!

I knew dd's leaving party at nursery was going to be emotional, I hate change and don't cope with endings. My friend is very open and was really upset. I'm ashamed to admit I avoided her a bit, and others were all comforting each other. I left as soon as I could, and she's ignored two texts this afternoon.

I didn't cry infront of anyone as a child, didn't cry at my dads funeral when I was young, and as an adult I try to stop the crying or even make jokes at unacceptable times.

I want to be able to cry sometimes. When I do though, I don't stop.

I'm on sertraline which could be a reason, but I've always been like this. I'm annoyed with myself, and today I feel like a heartless cow who everyone hates now.

I also didn't cry when my dd was born, and I keep things to myself to avoid making others upset.

Don't know why I'm posting, but I suppose it's really bothering me today.

LookingForwardToMarch Thu 18-Jul-13 20:05:21

Sorry op, no advice but just a post to say I know completely how you feel.

My first boss (who I was very close to) broke down at work and told us she was dying. I just stood there while others comforted her.

My friend had breast cancer. I always avoided the deep conversations with her. She died in November.

I feel the sorrow, but for some reason either freeze or run away and end up looking like a cold cow sad

Cailleach Fri 19-Jul-13 11:41:38

I'm like this, and never could quite work out why until I got my Asperger's diagnosis.

I don't know how to react to things like this because of it, so I stay away. I hate strong emotions, change etc as well.

LookingForwardToMarch Fri 19-Jul-13 11:45:48

Actually strangely enough someone mentioned Aspergers to me before, I just didn't seriously consider it...

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