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Not Driving Away!

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Pumble Sat 13-Jul-13 14:21:09

P1 splashing in the paddling pool and P2 having a nap. So pleased to be back and they are so pleased to be with each other again.

Can't believe we got to 1000 posts! You need to change your nn now too don't you wylye ?!

magimedi Thu 26-Nov-15 19:25:46

Au revoir to this thread , that started in July 2013!!!

What a long way we have al lcome.

Here is the next thread, by the end of which I suspect P1 will be in senior school!!

magimedi Thu 26-Nov-15 19:23:42

I am just filling up this thread with post numero 999!

I'll link to the next thread in my next post - to draw the lurkios out! grin

magimedi Wed 25-Nov-15 22:47:39

No calendar - just computed it for this thread! Could not cope with a calendar!

So pleased you feel calm &in control - try to hold on to & remember that feeling.

5 weeks is just so lovely, enjoy every moment of it & give him a special kiss from his internet granny!

Pumble Wed 25-Nov-15 22:44:40

Only 56 days.... Excellent! Do you have a Days until PFBGD calendar, a little like an advent one?!!

P3 was unsettled earlier but I actually felt calm and in control smile. I may feel less so in the middle of the night!!! He has settled in so well to the pumbletons that it is so easy to forget he's only 5 weeks at times! He's still so little and snuggly smilesmile

magimedi Wed 25-Nov-15 22:19:48

Hooray for P1 & P2 in bed in good order.

P3 you just have to put up with for a bit - and he is little & cute & baby smelling & cuddly...............

Did I tell you that it is only 56 days to go till I go & see PFGD??? grin

Pumble Wed 25-Nov-15 19:45:24

Thank you magi!

Pumblettes 1&2 in bed happily... P3 up but that's normal and at least he's not grumping!!

magimedi Wed 25-Nov-15 19:43:16

Here is a link to the new thread ...........................

Driving with the Pumblettes

But Je have every intention of filling up celui ci!!

Only six posts to aller!

Hope bed time is not too bad ce soir.

Pumble Wed 25-Nov-15 18:03:32

New thread done but don't know how to do link to it.... Fairly obvious it's mine though....wink

magimedi Tue 24-Nov-15 22:18:17

Alors, arrive vite avec une nouvelle titre du thread!

Je understand how much vous voulez to go running - when one avoir un sport/regime du fitness que one aimer beaucoup c'est tres hard when one can't do it.

Doigts crossed for une bonne nuite et pour some running asap.

J'attends avec impatience la nouvelle thread!


Pumble Tue 24-Nov-15 21:36:42

Je peux parler en Francais aver toi.

I came up with a good title the other day and forgot it!! Maybe I should just keep it simple with pumble and the pumblettes or pumble's staying with the pumblettes

I'm so tired.....but dearly want to go running....!

magimedi Tue 24-Nov-15 19:49:13

Oh those berluddy Pumblettes!!

Just hope tonight will be better.

Was meant to swim today but had a bit of a funny tummy - won't give you any more info - so didn't. It's not fair to any one else using the pool.

And may I just nag say that you now only have 10 messages left on this thread!!

I don't want to lose you............. so shift it & get a new thread title going.

It seems to be only you & me who post here now - I wonder how many lurkers lurk?

Come on lurkios - post & join in!! grin

In other news, my thoughts are really turning to moving to France!!

<very scared emoticon>

I am just about to embark on sorting out some French lessons for the New Year. My French is reasonable, my vocab is good but I need some help with verbs & prepositions.

Fingers crossed that you get a bit more sleep ce soir (note the use of French!!)


Pumble Tue 24-Nov-15 19:11:40

Hideous night with all pumblettes up tag teaming so got no more than ten minutes peace in one go....

So tired and now terrified what tonight will bring.,...

More rain here today... Did you go swimming?

magimedi Tue 24-Nov-15 08:09:21

Oh no!

Make sure you are eating enough - I know what you are like!! Being shattered & having low blood sugar will not help.

Will pop in again later.


Pumble Tue 24-Nov-15 03:18:03

Still up....

magimedi Mon 23-Nov-15 22:30:54

It is v hard with wee ones - and ones who are called 'T' are sods for sleep & monsters for boob.

Hope you are both in bed & asleep as I post this.

In other news, I am booked to go to see PFGC in early January - I am SO excited!

Took their Christmas pressies with me when I went in October & have still managed to send off an extra parcel of stuff today - only cost £9.16 to post!! But it did have (amongst other stuff) two lovely bibs for PFGD that had Santa face one one & Rudolf + reindeer horns on the other! And M & S choc brussel sprouts......... etc etc.

<daft granny>

Pumble Mon 23-Nov-15 20:39:54

Been trying to get T yo sleep for over an hour and a half. Now just want to sob and go to bed but he's still awake....

Sometimes this all just seems v v hard

magimedi Sun 22-Nov-15 10:27:33

Morning! How's things?

Freezing cold here but the sun is shining which is so nice after all the grey days.

magimedi Thu 19-Nov-15 22:35:43

I don't think you are being a 'grump bucket'.

P2's birth was quite a shock & trauma for you & I'm not surprised you relive it each year - but that will lessen. Try to think about how good P3's birth was.

And Mr P probably feels that he deals with everything except the children - all the worry about keeping a job, paying the mortgage etc etc.

I know that sounds very un PC & a bit sexist in a way (& I am a hardened & ardent feminist, though I do not post on the boards here!) - but he probably feels some stress as well.

Not often I make the case for the man - but I think you both have so much going on & little time to connect as yourselves, the people who dated, got to know each other, fell in love, had wild sex (!), stayed up all night talking etc etc.

Children are a great joy, there is no greater, but when they are small it's tough for all the adults in the family to try to keep an adult relationship going - Peppa Pig (or whatever) always bloody barges in or 'Can you wipe my bottom' disturbs any moment of togetherness you might try to snatch.

Maybe you are being a tiny, weeny bit of a grump bucket - and I don't blame you for that at all - 3 under 5/6 is not easy.

Try to make even 5 mins just for you & him - talk to him about it - don't suffer in silence.

Here endeth internet gran's homily - and I bet you're berluddy glad it does.

Much love... (((xxx)))

PS Get a cleaner asap!!!

Pumble Thu 19-Nov-15 20:32:59

No cleaner yet, and working on next thread title.

It's not just work, it's just feeling like I am responsible for everything and juggling all the balls and he just deals with I think I am just being grumpy.

It's p2's birthday (and therefore his too) on Sunday and I always find p2s birthday a bit hard.... So probably I am just being a grump bucket

magimedi Thu 19-Nov-15 19:54:45

Is Mr P spending too much time at work, perchance?

Tell him that Granny Magi will come round & have stern words with him if he doesn't change things somewhat!

I can be very scary!! grin

Have you got a cleaner yet?

<broken record>

Don't forget to start new thread

<broken record II>

Huge hugs


Pumble Thu 19-Nov-15 19:09:35

Grrrrrrr that is how I feel with the world about now! Abd a lot is directed at mr P (perfectly reasonably in my mind....)

magimedi Sun 15-Nov-15 22:29:20


<cross internet granny mode>

Take 5 mins or so tomorrow &write yourself a list of what is essential & do only that.

And I will repeat my question:

Can you afford a cleaner once a week?

If so - please go for it.

Sending love.


Pumble Sun 15-Nov-15 21:33:12

Am beyond exhausted as doing too much and p3 v v unsettled so a night of no sleep beckons. Just want to curl into a ball for a little while and get some sleep!

magimedi Sun 15-Nov-15 11:40:13

Stop doing so much cleaning!

All you need do is enough for hygiene.

Can you afford to get a cleaner in once a week or so?

How's P3's cold?

No news from here - another wet & windy day - roll on Spring!

Pumble Sat 14-Nov-15 18:53:57

I always used the lights or something on the ceiling to keep me straight-always more of a pain when I was outside, the clouds were never straight for me!

Really wish this rain would go away.

All I wanted to do was have a long bath today away from all the pumblettes but all the cleaning seemed to get in the way...and now will be feeding for quite some time... confused. I love them dearly but some peace would be lovely!! And not peace in a bath rather than peace at the supermarket!!

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