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What does this add up to?

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Divinyl Thu 11-Jul-13 17:45:59

I've been going to the doctor's on and off for almost 2 years with various manifestations of this, even changed surgeries over it, and nothing conclusive has been found, nothing to help either. Just losing the ability to cope at present.

Physical symptoms: about 1-1.5 years ago they were regularly like early pregnancy every month. I took pregnancy tests - was not on hormonal contraception so could have been possible. But all negative. Then the symptoms have developed. I am practically moulting in terms of losing hair, but growing it astoundingly quickly everywhere else. Been going on a while. I have a very dry throat, a bit like hayfever, as part of period symptoms, and lymph glands behind the ears come up rather painfully, also making the jaw sore. I get dizziness and palpitations when standing up and when going outside for the first time in the day. If there is too long a gap between eating, I swell up so that I look like I'm pregnant. Really. And feel very bad, sick and shaky all night. Neither DH or I sleep very much due to toddler conditioning - so even when I get chance, I am regularly lying awake.

Mental symptoms: off the scale for about 2 days before, and the early part of, the period. Utter rage and despair but try very hard to suppress it. The rest of the time passes in a 'what the hell, can't be arsed to get het up about anything much' sort of blur, and I tend to react to everything roughly the same. But in this short window I have nearly left my DH twice and last night did tell him I would do so, at about 2 in the morning. So all hell is let loose there as we are trying to untangle the aftermath of that. I truly don't know whether it would be for the best or not. But the point is it was out of the blue for him, it has knocked him sideways, and given another week that would never have come to that. Periods themselves are grim and can last literally about 2 weeks. Gone on a pill that allegedly should stop them but it has not seemed to change a thing.

Strange pain under the right rib cage that seems to be present every day but not all the time. Pretty sure this is ovary, not gall bladder, but a scan showed all organs in great shape, and blood tests were normal (thyroid etc). I got tested & blood tested for ovarian cancer (things seemed to fit) and know I haven't got that but the scan revealed a normal, not particularly big or dangerous ovarian cyst. So what on earth is this? Is it really pmt? Depression masked by a massive slice of denial? I feel as if I am going crazy or am fantasising about symptoms which seem to me to be limiting everything and taking 'me' away but don't have an obvious physical cause. Just don't know.

HoopHopes Thu 11-Jul-13 22:23:49

Hi I would definitely push for more physical testing, with a gynae or some specialist as the physical symptoms you state seem to be causing problems. Did blood tests show anything? Do you have PCOS or another hormonal disorder ( hair changes made me think that). Physical health issues, especially ones that are hormonal can affect mental well being and when sorted the other symptoms can be alleviated.

Divinyl Fri 12-Jul-13 12:57:25

I don't think PCOS, or at least, not at the time of the scan. The more I have mentioned some physical symptoms in various situations (the throat thing to my dentist, for example), they tend to come up with stress/cortisol related issues, so as a hormonal firework factory, that picture would seem to make sense. It's hard to see if it's all coming from the mind or if the physical things are dragging the mind right down. But I'll try to persist with the doc's. Just wondering if anyone else has the same pattern of symptoms.

PoodleFlavouredFreddos Fri 12-Jul-13 18:44:53

I have nothing constructive to add, but wanted to say that this sounds like utter hell for you, and i am really sorry you are going through it. i'd be pushing for a referral to a specialist - although what type of specialist i don't know.

I hope it goes well with the docs, try not to lose hope - there must be an answer out there somewhere. totally different but i was having seizures and severe difficultly walking and a shit ton of other awful symptoms for over two years and was finally diagnosed, all issues have been resolved now, although no-one can promise me it will never come back, for now i'm fully mobile and pain and seizure free - so chronic ill health that doesn't fit into normal boxes can be diagnosed and treated

thinking of you

yamsareyammy Sun 14-Jul-13 16:39:14

When was the last time you went on holiday - even for just 3 days.

Sometimes, it is easier to see the wood for the trees when away, and a break does everyone some good.

And also, some symptoms then seem to be obvious, while others can almost disappear.


Divinyl Mon 15-Jul-13 11:11:38

Thank you for your replies. Sorry for the gaps, my most accessible computer is misbehaving so not so much internetting opportunity.

Back to the doctor in the morning... looking at a number of pms stories and the use of SSRIs to help, a few things ring true (like spending the time when not suffering in a horrified state, apologising to people, and a lot of women have said they regularly get to the edge of nearly leaving their relationships during the pms symptoms).

I'd love some 'space' re a holiday, but it's not really a holiday with a 2 year old, and unfortunately our plans revolve around weddings quite a long drive away this year, for which said DD is a bridesmaid, so in fact these are a source of stress in themselves. Could all be contributing.

Divinyl Mon 15-Jul-13 11:13:08

And especially, thanks for the 'thinking of me' - hope anyone also struggling with health is managing to get their head above water.

yamsareyammy Mon 15-Jul-13 11:31:12

When I had a lot of very young children, I used to leave them all with DH every few months, and go to my mums and do nothing for 3 days.
Is something like that doable at all?
It was remarkable what a difference it made tbh.

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