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Quite new to this but I really need some support please :(

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Tillyandjamie Thu 04-Jul-13 10:44:11

I could really do with some support right now. I have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks since October last year. I have no idea what started it off. It all came to a head on Tuesday night when I had a panic attack while driving and a further two when I got home. Since then I have been in some sort of depressive trance. This is always when I am driving. I have to drive again today and I'm working myself up and know it will end horribly! I know i''m dying and I know panic attacks pass but I can't cope with this anymore. The living in fear it will happen again. I really wanted to just go to A and E and scream help! I felt like I was going mad! I still do! I have two children aged 3 and 2 and I feel like I'm not being the best mum at the moment. I want to go to the doctors but I'm scared they will think I can't cope. I'm trying my best but this is so hard.

janesnowdon1 Thu 04-Jul-13 12:23:24

Please go
to the GP - if they are any sort of human being they will want to help and would never think it meant you could not cope. They can arrange CBT, medication etc or do other tests such as bloods to make sure there is no underlying health issue.

There are lots of other threads on here if you scroll down about anxiety and panic attacks - you are not alone and they have great advice. Panic attacks are crushingly debilitating. Please get help

freedom567 Thu 04-Jul-13 15:05:37

janesnowdon1 is right, but also try really hard to cut down on caffeine, sugars (chocolate and alike), alcohol (if you drink at all) - these really do increase anxiety (if already an anxious soul)....and try FORCING yourself to do things (let the ironing go for a couple of nights and do some extra reading with the kids etc).....

Tillyandjamie Thu 04-Jul-13 19:36:54

Thank you both for your messages. I do drink a lot of coffee and tea so I will try hard to cut down. I've made an appointment for the GP. Nearest appointment is Tuesday. Hopefully I will make it through the weekend. I'm going to try and take kids to the park tomorrow. I know they can sense I'm feeling down and I hate that. I didn't have the greatest childhood. My own mother was very depressed and I'm trying my hardest not to turn into her.

ThisKnifeitDoesNotCutDeepEnoug Thu 04-Jul-13 20:31:33

Hi Tilly, definitely go to your GP, I have been having panic attacks which stared suddenly at the end of May, although I had been feeling panicky for a while. I totally understand how you feel, and going to the GP can be quite a big deal too, but they will be able to help you. I would recommend avoiding diazepam though as I become addicted to it (albeit at a low dose) within a few weeks of using it. They can refer you for CBT and prescribe citalopram or fluoxetine to help as a more long term anti-depressent/anxiety drug. Beta blockers can also be used more safely than diazepam to deal with a panic attack and are not addictive so talk about them too (I didn't get on with them so well, made me v. tired, but that is just me.

Basically, I know it is really crap, but there is also a lot of help you can get so do get to your GP. x

Tillyandjamie Fri 05-Jul-13 06:22:36

Thankyou thisknife. I have put up with this too long on my own now and I'm ready to ask for help. Thanks for your advice

Tillyandjamie Tue 09-Jul-13 11:45:54

So I had doctors appointment today and have been put on propranolol. 10mg twice a day. Has anyone else been on this? Im willing to try and I'm sick of feeling anxious all day everyday

coxspippin Sun 14-Jul-13 13:52:38

no i haven't tried propranolol tillyandjamie; but i hope it's helping you.

freedom567 Thu 18-Jul-13 17:46:14

Hey tillyandjamie, hope things are starting to improve.....

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