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Diazepam (Valium) may just be me but I'm starting a thread

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ThisKnifeitDoesNotCutDeepEnoug Sun 30-Jun-13 18:07:22

Having been on diazepam for only just over a month due to panic disorder I am feeling myself needing, wanting and relying in them. I am also hoarding them which i realise is prob not a healthy thing to do. Plus there are the side effects of feeling out if it and very forgetful, eg leaving keys in ignition, forgetting where I left things, forgetting conversations! And this is only on 6-8 mg a day!

I also rather like the drunk-ish feeling and could see myself getting hooked simply for that. I am also needing to take increasing doses for the same effects. I take them mostly at night or I can't sleep, and I also often wake up around 4am in a panic and take one then, and during the day if I feel in danger of a panic attack.

Anyway, time to try and stop taking them, I realise my dose and time of taking them is nothing compared to some people, but thought if I did a thread on it, I may motivate myself somewhat. Last night I didn't take one when I woke at 4am, bit of a general disaster actually because instead I just lay in bed panicking for several hours!

ThisKnifeitDoesNotCutDeepEnoug Tue 09-Jul-13 18:02:42

I have reduced my dose drastically and last night went without any although I had a panicky morning. I have now been referred for CBT therapy and occupational health at work are doing some stuff too. Feeling somewhat better.

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