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Fluoxetine in pregnancy

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Gremlin323 Sun 30-Jun-13 11:07:46

I wondered about this too when I was started on it but I think they're going to keep me on them to avoid PND. Good luck with the mh team, hope you get some info from them and your meds start to help soon.

RuckAndRoll Sat 29-Jun-13 10:29:44

thanks gremlin. good to know someone else is using it when pregnant.

I suppose my worry was starting it now (33wks), taking 2 weeks to get built up in my system, then being told I may have to come off at 38wks. seemed a bit pointless even starting. gp has now told me I'll see mh team in 2 weeks and they'll give me more answers. gives me something else to panic over now sad

Gremlin323 Fri 28-Jun-13 11:37:45

Hi, I usually just lurk but wanted to let you know your not alone. I suffer from generalised anxiety disorder and depression and managed my first pregnancy without meds although I was certainly suffering throughout and had a nasty dose of PND after the birth. I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant and after weaning off Fluoxetine on finding out I was pregnant was put back on them at about 21 weeks as I'd let it get to the stage where I was near a breakdown.

I've had no problems with the Fluoxetine this pregnancy and it's definitely helped me get back on an even keel. I also see a CBT therapist once a week now which is a great help. I've seen 3 counsellors in the past and this is definitely the most positive approach I've had yet. I've no experience of breastfeeding on Fluoxetine I'm afraid, I'm going to ask my consultant when I see her in August but will be on the meds for the birth and afterwards to prevent a relapse/PND. If I'm advised not to breastfeed I've decided to stick with the Fluoxetine and formula feed (I'm told there are better drugs to take for breastfeeding but my knowledge is quite sketchy on this) rather than risking a relapse with a newborn and a toddler - it's a totally personal choice though as I know Fluoxetine is effective for me whereas other ADs haven't been. Conversely I know people who have changed drugs to breastfeed no problems.

Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way and I hope your feeling better soon.

RuckAndRoll Fri 28-Jun-13 09:22:15

I posted in antenatal/postnatal depression area but didn't get any response so thought I'd try here instead.

After finally plucking up the courage to speak to the mw about my anxiety, the GP has prescribed me Fluoxetine.

I'm currently 33+5 weeks pregnant, and was wondering does anyone have any experience with taking it during pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding?

I know I need to do something and counselling will take 2-3 weeks to come through.

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