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Diagnosis of ADHD, how to deal with predictable hitting

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Fluffhead123 Thu 27-Jun-13 20:37:18

Thanks for your help meeting his teacher and sen next week prior to him starting in sept will repost in child development thank you all

janji Thu 27-Jun-13 15:27:19

If you find the right school and manage to get a statement of sen then this can be managed. It took my son 4 schools and a year of exclusion time when he was not educated (LEA couldn't care less) before we found what we now hope is the right place or him.

yamsareyammy Thu 27-Jun-13 15:18:23

Didnt want you to go unanswered, only now seen this.
I think you may get a lot more responses if you repost in child development? Or children with special needs?
Sorry, cant remember the exact names of some of the topics.
If you try one, and no one answers, I would try another board on here.

Fluffhead123 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:17:59

Dear all,

I have just had my 4.5 year old son diagnosed with ADHD and maybe slight aspergers, as both his parents and childminder had concerns on his development and processing of information. I am reading dr green understanding ADHD which is of great help, however I am concerned of my son's lashing out and unpredictable nature of hitting. When asked why he did it, he says I don't know 90% of the time, occasionally says they got too close however he might also be v close to them. We are all consistently using timeout step and more recently doing a reward chart for good behaviour. Please can anyone else let me know how they have dealt with this as am so concerned that my son will lose his friends and get excluded when he starts school.
Thank you

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