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i feel pritty good at the mo, and want to come off my anti-d's

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jofeb04 Wed 31-May-06 18:57:48

but is scares the s**t out of me when I really think I will stop it.

Should i go to the doctors to stop them, or should I feel that the nerves im feeling are correct?


intergalacticwalrus Wed 31-May-06 18:59:46

I think it's probably best to come off them on the advice of your doctor. I came off mine suddenly, and felt like shite. My mum did the same and was rewarded with panic attacks etc. This shouldn't happen if you are weaned off them slowly.

Well done for feeling that you can come of them though, that's a massive step!

nicnack2 Wed 31-May-06 19:00:59

glad you feel that you are better, but go back to the gp and wean off slowly to make sure that you are feeling better and not the ad.

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