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Compassionate Mind. Any thoughts?

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orangeandemons Wed 12-Jun-13 14:37:33

Another poster suggested this to me, and I looked into it and really liked it. Does anyone know anything about it, especially the science behind it.

I did one excercises about building up a compassionate friend and it had to be done with a smile. I found it really good, and felt much better and more confident about ,y's elf straight away.

What does anyone else have to say?

ColouringInQueen Wed 12-Jun-13 14:41:47

Hi oranges I haven't read it in afraid - but am interested too after hearing about it on another thread. Also I believe that it worked for people who didn't respond to cbt which is interesting as I too have a very negative self critical internal voice.

Hoping theres a reader or two out there!

orangeandemons Wed 12-Jun-13 14:46:08

I didn't respond to cbt either. 3 failed attempts. But this made me feel better straight away. I am hideously self critical, but this made me feel much much better towards myself.

ColouringInQueen Wed 12-Jun-13 14:58:16

It sounds great that it had such a positive effect smile if it works for you I'd keep reading.

holmessweetholmes Fri 12-Jul-13 07:48:28

A bit late to this thread - but I'm about 2/3 of the way through the book now and I think it's amazing. I'm horribly self-critical too, and found the way the book absolved me of blame for my mind-set absolutely liberating. Looking forward to doing some of the exercises.

awaywego1 Wed 17-Jul-13 08:36:29

I love compassionate letter writing-there's some good instructions if you google it smile

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