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Have really bad anxiety and all GP cares about is me getting a flaming Mirena coil argh!

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sweetkitty Wed 29-May-13 22:51:27

So anxiety is really bad just now, I'm scared to get out of bed, I'm scared non stop. I don't want to go out, I have health anxiety about me, DP and the DCs. I have instructive thoughts. Had a few panic attacks recently as well. Am scared stuff of driving even though I do it every day but only on approved routes and if I park anywhere I'm scared ill get boxed in and scrape someone's car getting out hmm

Anyway amonth ago I went back to the GP she put me back on 10mg of citalopram, been on it before with limited success, tried beta blockers as well for the chest pains they didn't work.

All she seems to care about is me getting a Mirena coil. I have 4 DC definitely don't want anymore, I have heavy painful periods so have been on the pill. Apparently as I suffer from migraines I am at an increased risk from a stroke, everytime I ask for the pill I get Mirena coil and stroke.

This time I wanted to talk about my anxiety but instead got told I could have a stroke next week, here's the number to get the coil fitted hmmconfused

She did up my citalopram to 20mg though.

I know I need contraception and there is a stroke risk but so is smoking and bring overweight, all medication carries a risk.

Funnyfishface Thu 30-May-13 00:12:13

Hi sweet kitty

I am also on 10 mg of citalopram for anxiety. My doctor wanted to up mine to 20 in January but I have stuck at 10.

I had cbt therapy on nhs which was very good.
I also had a fear of parking, supermarkets, shopping malls, cinema, trains, buses, planes, driving especially in motorways.

I gave a good friend that encouraged me to take small steps. So just drive to the car park then back home. Next time drive to car park and park then back home and so on until you get your confidence back. It works.
Baby steps.
I have tried practically every treatment without medication and the best is encouragement, and mindfulness cd

Hope you feel better soon x

purrpurr Thu 30-May-13 00:18:24

Kitty, see another doctor. You can see any doctor you like. Any doctor that tries to push a particular form of contraception on you, particularly when that wasn't your primary reason for visiting, isn't worth seeing.

AdoraBell Thu 30-May-13 00:29:34

I agree, talk To another Dr.

sweetkitty Thu 30-May-13 09:57:11


She basically told me to come off the Pill straight away as I could have a stroke next week. I've been having migraines since I was 6, I wasn't in the pill for 8 years (have only been back on it a year and a half) and my migraines are the same. She said but you are at greater risk for stroke and young people do have strokes and that's the last thing you need hmm

I don't want a Mirena coil really either. Have looked at the progesterone only mini pill. Am going to push DP for a vasectomy as well, he said he would get one, has the form just needs a push. Belt and braces!

The anxiety is a nightmare, I drive every day but if I have to go somewhere new I panic. Haven't been on a motorway for years. Even just going out can be traumatic for me. I wake in the night for hours can't get back to sleep for worrying hmm

ArthurCucumber Thu 30-May-13 10:03:49

Any doctor who tells a patient with anxiety that they could "have a stroke next week" is an irresponsible, unprofessional fool. Did he have a medical reason (e.g. high blood pressure) for saying that? Even if so, there are other methods than Mirena for contraception. Like your husband getting off his arse and getting the snip. Does he realise what you are going through? As for the heavy periods - yes, a doctor may continue to recommend Mirena for that, but not by frightening you with stroke risks! There are also other treatments which have varying degrees of effectiveness.

sweetkitty Thu 30-May-13 10:43:40

The medical reason she said that is that I am at an increased risk of stroke due to having migraines and being on the Pill.

Yes DP needs to get off his arse and get himself sorted, my fault I've kind of left it with me being on the Pill.

AdoraBell Thu 30-May-13 14:40:46

Talk to DH, tell him that as a temporary measure - until he gets the snip -you will be using condoms because the GP says the PIL is a serious risk to your health.

Have you had/would you consider counselling? I used to have migraines and these stopped when I disengaged with the people who caused my anxiety while growing up. Later, during therapy, I realised that all my migraines were stress induced. They came back while I was having therapy but since completing that process I haven't had another.

I still think you need a different Dr, but if you stick with this one tell her you are using condoms and now you need help for the anxiety.

lissieloo Thu 30-May-13 14:45:39

I second changing your doctor. What a nob. Is there anything they can do about your migraines? I'm sorry you are feeling so cacky.

sweetkitty Thu 30-May-13 17:27:45

The thing is I want to be on the pill as it controls my periods, even if DP gets the snip I don't want to go back au natrel so to speak.

My migraines are controlled by a triptan which is fine I think they are stress related too if I'm upset or sleep disturbed ill get one sometimes I don't even know what the trigger is. If I can catch it early enough and take a tablet it's not bad.

My anxiety definitely comes from childhood EA narc mother hmm

AdoraBell Thu 30-May-13 17:36:28

I know nothing about the Mirena coil, is the GP saying that could help with the periods? Talk to the GP, tell her that if you can stop the migraines by dealing with the issues that cause the anxiety this would help you immensely. If she says migraines aren't caused by stress, let's face it some Doctors don't realise the connection, then tell her about all the other symptoms you get with the anxiety.

lissieloo Thu 30-May-13 18:07:34

I have the mirena and its really helped my periods, they only last half a day now and rarely start with me vomming/crying/murdering. But it has to be right for you.

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