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Slightly odd request but genuinely don't know what to do

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Wuldric Wed 29-May-13 01:08:38

Apologies for this being so long.

Today I got two emails from someone whose name I recognise, but whom I don't actually know. Sort of a friend of a friend of a friend once removed. I have no idea how this person got my email address by the way.

The emails were addressed to me, the friend of a friend of a friend, the Bishops of London, Ely and York and the Man Utd supporters club.

They are utterly mad communications. Long and rambling, with lots of religion, football and sex all mixed up. Here are some (relatively mild) excerpts:

"Amidst all the violent flames that dwelt in my brain during episodes of hypomania with my total belief that I had committed the unforgivable sin, people used to say to me with all the empathy they could muster, XX is too important to you"

"On the night of St. Mirren winning the Cup I was ‘told’ that XX was now completely, and freely, mine by an eminent lawyer. I wish for that lawyer to be beheaded,"

"I will tell Her Majesty, the Prime Minister, the President, or anyone else, - I simply cannot do that. I have told you all what is of the utmost importance, if you still cannot explain to me why I cannot be friends with people who wish to be friends with me, how can you then in due course insist that I am regularly raped by women who are not my wife?"

"Why cannot David Beckham or Lionel Messi just authorise YY and ZZ to return to me unconditionally as my friends?"

"I have been repeatedly ‘told’ in my mind that there are numerous women that see me as a hero and under some system have to, once other matters are brought to conclusion, have sex with me every six months or so. This sounds plainly barbaric to me, and goes against all I believe in, and would I believe occupy far too much of my time."

The point is, this person is clearly undergoing some kind of psychotic episode. I don't know this person. I don't even know where they live. I have no idea who to report this to. I'd dearly like just to delete the emails and make sure that subsequent communications go straight into spam. But I am worried in case he harms someone, or himself. WWYD? Does anyone have any experience? He must be acting oddly to those who are physically around him? There were other recipients to these emails - can I abdicate responsibility to them? BTW, I absolutely cannot contact this person myself and really would not wish to.

aglasstoomany Wed 29-May-13 01:37:56

hmm, delete and dont do anything, it may be someone taking the P. Don't worry yourself over it, if someone on the list knows this person better surely they will address it. delete. move on?

Wuldric Wed 29-May-13 01:39:36

That's just what I wanted to hear smile

aglasstoomany Wed 29-May-13 02:21:42

good, do it and dont give it another thought. new day tomorrow smile

NatashaBee Wed 29-May-13 02:40:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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