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I can feel myself going downhill, give me some ideas to pick me up, thanks.

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devientenigma Tue 28-May-13 10:23:31

Really feel on the edge here. Had some horrendous arguments with DH. Don't have any carer relief for DS who is disabled/special needs and is unable to leave the house and DH can not get any time off to help either. DD has finished her BF and at times is quite depressed and tearful. It's all not helpful. It's gonna be a long stressful week that I am not looking forward to. I need to change my frame of mind before it goes even further downhill. TIA x

grants1000 Tue 28-May-13 12:56:52

Remember you are doing the best you can. Any friends or family about who could help? This may sound daft but a shower and some make up on really do help you feel better and more equipped to face the day a head, pop on some cheesy pop and have a little dance, get the blood flowing, see what's on TV, something stupud and fun, help distract you.

Also breath, hand on chest and other on stomach, hide yourself away for 5 mns and just feel the breaths in and out, and in your mind say 'out with worry' and 'in with peace' sounds new age nuts but it bloody works.

Also scroll through these, they make me laugh my head off, and laighter is good and makes you feel better!

So connect with someone, breathe and laugh, plus make yourself a cup of tea in a posh cup and saucer with a biscuit or two!

Hoophopes Tue 28-May-13 13:42:15

Hi can you get an assessment from Social Care for your ds to see if you can get respite care? I know two families who have done this and get one weekend a month respite, one family has a dd with downs and other family has child with complex needs. That may help. Or can you ask your HV for referral for home start if that would help?

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