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What's wrong with me?

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ytsrikstars Mon 27-May-13 21:18:00


I had a relationship breakdown about 18 months ago and then lost a grandparent a year ago, I should have sought help at the time but I assumed I'd "get over it" but lately I've had periods where I've lost control, become aggressive and shouty and become so frustrated I've not known how to deal with my feelings.

I've also had periods where I'm agitated and buzzy and cannot concentrate causing irritability and sort of feeling spacey. I also suffer paranoia and anxiety.

I was diagnosed with depression as a teenager but came off fluoxetine after a year as I didn't feel it was helping and so maybe there was something always underlying in my mental help and then the end of the relationship and death of a family member have triggered it back again.

I'm going to book a doctors appointment as whatever it is, seems it's never going to go away on it's own.

ColouringInQueen Mon 27-May-13 21:27:43

Hi ytsrikstars sorry to hear you're having such a tough time at the moment. Relationship breakdowns and bereavement are tough ones to cope with for anyone. Really glad to hear you're going to see your Doc - will be good to get their opinion. Do you have a good friend that you can be open with about how you're feeling at the moment? I hope so. Might be worth asking if there's any counselling available where you are - or at least get on a waiting list as in my limited experience, you've experienced two major losses and these things often need a lot of talking through. Good luck and take care x

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