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I've lost my libido!

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thesea Sun 26-May-13 12:55:51

Hi all!

So, about one year ago I started taking citalopram for my depression. I had an awful lot going on at the time and simply wasn't coping. The citalopram worked wonders for my mood and I was now more productive, more patience and less temperamental. However, my libido had decreased to nought. Since the anti-d was working in every way, my partner and I decided that I should continue with it. However, one year later, this hyas caused a rift in our relationship - mainly because her libido has remained sky-high while mine is still struggling somewhere near the ground. I decided that I should try some new meds and I was prescribed fluoxetine, another SSRI drug, and this had exactly the same effect. Last week, my doctor moved me onto yet another drug - this one called Mirtazapine. Since taking this, I have been a complete zombie. I sleep about 12 hours per night and nap all day (not v. helpful considering I'm a single parent... my partner lives in Australia until July) and, all of a sudden, I've become really angry. I decided to read up on this and one of the side-effects of Mirtazapine can, indeed, be "rage". Which, even if I get my libido back, is not helping my relationship.

What am I supposed to do? My brain feels like it's been dragged through the mud. It's half-term and I have a job interview sometime this week. My partner's not even here and yet I've changed meds twice in one month just so that we can be intimate again. A part of me is thinking that I should never have stopped taking the citalopram in the first place.

strawberry17 Sun 26-May-13 18:53:28

Yes I hated the libido issue as well, in my experience most AD's cause this (and so does depression) and switching drugs might not be helping your nervous system, if I were you I would go back on the Citalopram and stabilize, I tried Mirtzapine as well and had the same issues, the only thing that worked for me was tapering off my AD, I'm now on a really low dose of Prozac and my libido is back to normal. If tapering off might be an option for you, I just posted on this thread about doing just that:

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