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anxious and focusing on negatives always

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lastroseofsummer Wed 22-May-13 09:57:39

i had a nite at weekend - loads of drinks on board - a person at the party i attended was very rude to me - very cool and actually swore at one stage - I heard it clearly. It is now being made out that I was so drunk that I do not know what has happened and that there were witnesses there to back up this persons version of events etc etc - neutral people with "no axe to grind". I clearly heard those words, I also did not imagine the sharp tone of voice and cool behavior given towards me earlier in the evening as I mentioned it to someone earlier in the evening.

The reason I have given this background is that this has now become something that has taken over the whole focus of my days - i cannot stop thinking abou it. Its distressing me and I do not know why - why do I care - I dont hallucinate for goodness sake! I dont imagine words were no exist - why cant I just let this go?

I suffer from depression and this has just taken over with me - please help sad

Ilikethebreeze Wed 22-May-13 23:24:07

Is it possible that that you were very drunk - not what you want me to say.
And that the other people or person was also drunk?

When my DDs go out, I always tell them to disregard what people say when there are lots of drinks about. It makes people do and say things they either dont mean or didnt mean to say.

Are you able to do that?

SinisterSal Wed 22-May-13 23:32:29

I may be misunderstanding but does it matter? You know that person said rude things, you dont need anyone else to concur. Drunk people say rude things all the time. That bit is unarguable withable. Is the issue that other people dispute your version?

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