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Too many work problems ... sinking into depression?

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Fiona24 Sat 18-May-13 00:10:53

I have several p-t jobs. In one, I am being bullied and generally given a lousy time. I do it for the money - money is tight at home. Debts, mortgages, so much.

In other job, huge probs getting my pay at the moment - long story but an internal move is coming up and new boss wants to pay me as little as possible. Getting union support and DH is wonderful.

But, all this has happend at more or less the same time. The bullying in job no 1 and the two pay issues in job no 2. I feel so low, so tried, battle weary. Feel I'm sinking into a dark pit. Keep thinking 'Why me?' - why all those substantial, work related problems at the same time.

I do my jobs well, am hourly paid but put in lots and lots more. Feel worthless and expendable in both jobs. Can't face starting the new (full time) job while I'm so tired - no prospect of a break. DH's work is insecure. I need to work as much as I can.

Can't sleep, rather weepy and almost no appetite. Worried about DC's exams - worried about pretty much everything. Want to be awake, refreshed, happy but wondering how much more I can take. I suppose I could see the GP but he/she can't make my employers kinder or fill my coffers so that I don't worry about money any more.

Sorry, it's late and I feel so, so tired but I know I won't sleep when I go to bed. Thanks for listening.

bluebell222 Sat 18-May-13 08:27:50

the gp can't do those but may suggest some medication or counselling to support you during these hard times so you can have better sleep, etc.
i am having a very hard time,too and i think that's what i am going to do, my mind feels like going under and over the waves, changing from moment to moment.
bullying at job is bad, i suffered that, too, it is very hard sometimes. do you have HR in the company to deal with this issue?
wish you best luck.

SavoyCabbage Sat 18-May-13 08:47:55

Everything is so much more difficult when you are tired. I couldn't sleep due to stress about two years ago and eventually, much later than I should have done, I went to see my GP and got something to help me sleep.

Afterwards I wondered why I didn't go sooner.

What is the full time job?

Hoophopes Sat 18-May-13 18:58:05

Hi - do you have Occupational Health at your places of work that could be a form of support? Medication etc can help with the symptoms of how you are feeling, but if the underlying issues are still there then as you say it will not change how you are treated at work. Or is there a useful HR person to talk to. I guess changing jobs is not the easiest thing to do either.

Would it be worth you booking an appointment with the CAB to discuss finance, check you are claiming any benefits you may be entitled to, and to discuss your debts etc to ensure you are only paying what you need to (best rate of interest etc). Practical help may help alleviate some of your anxieties?

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