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Does anyone know anything about anxiety disorder?

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MillyStar Fri 17-May-13 15:59:42


I've felt odd for about 2/3 weeks and i'm starting to wonder if it's anxiety

I feel very nauseous a lot, also a bit dizzy and quite spaced out, I also feel tired and like i just want to rest

I've also been feeling short of breath like i'm going to have a panic attack but i haven't had one yet

I keep thinking really silly things and worrying about them, my dd is 1 and still in her cot and i keep thinking of things that could happen to her in the cot and peeping through the door to check she's ok, also because of the nausea i'm worrying that i've had sex when drunk and not remembered and i'm pregnant - which is just stupid i would never not remember that

Sounds so silly written down

its definitely worse after alcohol, i drank last friday and sat and had it bad the day after especially the nausea and i drank last night and felt the worse i have today ;(

Does anyone have anxiety disorder and does it sound like what i am experiencing?

Should i go to the doctors? i know my BP is going to be through the roof if i do because i will work myself up in the waiting room

Decoy Fri 17-May-13 16:06:06

It does sound like you're anxious at the moment, and yes it does sound like a trip to the GP would be a good idea IMHO. If you do have an anxiety disorder then it's best to get suitable treatment as soon as possible to help prevent things getting worse. The GP will have seen it all before, not least in mothers of young children, so don't hesitate to tell him/her how you've been feeling. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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