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support needed long term

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LuckySalem Thu 16-May-13 12:43:50

hello all,

So about 2 years ago I started to get chest pains, I'm not a doctor person, I ignore stuff till I have no choice so 6 months after it started I went to GP who diagnosed me with costochondritis - inflammation of the cartilage in the chest. I was given pain killers and anti inflammatory pills. the chest pains continued including bouts of a & e trips due to the pain.
about 3 months after that I had a bout of iritus - inflammation of the eye (on my wedding day sad. ) so was referred to eye specialist at hospital who upon talking to me referred me to rheumatology. lots of tests and new symptoms appearing and they gave up but referred me to physio for the new pains in my back, hip, thumb and big toe all on the left side.
basically after loads of stuff like this I'm still in pain, still go to a&e with my chest, am on fluroxetine for depression and many more meds plus seeing the community health nurse.

basically at less than 30 yrs old I feel I'm falling apart, there are many times I wanted to end it all. still do but I don't believe in suicide as its not fair on those you leave behind.

physio is making other pains worse, my mood is at an all time low and I just was looking for some support, someone to talk to.

sorry for the essay.

Decoy Thu 16-May-13 18:27:05

Sorry to hear what you've been going through. If your mood is low despite fluoxetine, mentioning this to your GP could be a good idea. It's especially concerning if you're having feelings of wanting to "end it all" - this isn't a healthy way to feel. Maybe a different antidepressant, an increased dose, or referral to counselling might help? Let us know how you get on.

LuckySalem Thu 16-May-13 20:30:39

I am due to see gp again soon to review it so am going to ask bout the dose. she mentioned painclinic too so am hoping that helps, just finding it difficult accepting what I've lost/am losing the ability to do.

cora2482 Thu 16-May-13 20:38:45

Hi hun I had postnatal depression n it took 3 different types of tablets till I got the right one for me now 4 years on I am of the pills and feeling alot better about myself. There is alot of help out there n 9 times out of 10 talkin can help xx

LuckySalem Fri 17-May-13 16:29:32

I think so too, am finding little annoying things are knocking my mood flying.

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