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Sick of dealing with low moods from hormonal changes-postnatal, premenstral but still want to ttc

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nicnix Sun 12-May-13 13:49:00

I have had regular bouts of depression/mood swings and irrational thoughts before my period since a teenager.

I had my son and suffered from very low moods, mood swings, insomnia and quite obsessive/irrational/rigid thinking until my period came back when he was 18 months.

I was breastfeeding which is why it took so long to come back and also was why I never spoke to anyone about my mental health as I just assumed they would recommend anti-depressants which I didn't want to take as I was breastfeeding (and still am).

I felt pretty good for the first cycle, mood improved and insomnia also improved.

The last couple of cycles I have felt pretty good but my mood drops significantly about a week and a half before my period. The only thing getting me through is knowing that it is only temporary.

I was wanting to start ttc but I am sick and tired of having my mood controlled by my hormones. I feel so guilty about wanting to have another baby and having my negative emotions affect my family for 1+years. I also feel weak and useless that I cant control my emotions.

I dont even know what I could do if I did decide not to have anymore children. Would taking the pill stop my premenstrual mood swings? I haven't taken the pill for 5+ years, before then I was a serial pill changer and I never took the same brand for longer than a couple of months as I was always paranoid about them affecting me negatively.

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