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Is it time to ask for help (emetophobia)

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Blamenargles Sun 12-May-13 12:06:26

Hi first time I have ventured in m/h, I posted on chat a while ago about my phobia, and was told to nip across blush

I have alway had a problem with sick, but since having DS who's 2 it has escalated in to some think that's affecting every day life.
I worry about it all the time, panic if anyone I know is ill, worry about eating out/ordering in, storing cooking and eating meat.

I have managed to keep it well hidden but I lost it completely at work yesterday, a customer was sick about 150yrds away from me and I lost it hysterically crying (snot the lot) blush shaking, wanted to go home needed to clean myself, one of the girls took me in the back and calmed me down she was great (stood and watched me wash my hands and arms 5 times only stopped cos she was there)
I couldn't relax for the rest of my shift didn't want to touch anything incase he had.
I made my hands sore everytime I brushed past anything I had to put hand gel on.

I'm really worried now as it is affecting my work as well as home life.
How do I even begin to seek help do they take it seriously will I be fobbed off?

Also should I inform work of how bad it is or not only 2 of my colleagues saw my melt down and the reason why, don't think they told my manager

Ilikethebreeze Sun 12-May-13 14:46:05

There was a huge, longing thread about this, round about christmas time.
I have been amazed how many people on here have the same thing.
I dont have it, so I dont know the answers to your question.

If no one with more knowledge comes along, I will try and find the thread for you.

kerstina Sun 12-May-13 16:38:17

I think the thread is still running. I have huge sympathy I would have felt exactly as you, maybe internalised it more though. Your way is probably healthier. What is your job is it a complete one off or do you work somewhere where it is likely to happen again?
I have this phobia too but I have found it is not static ,certain periods in my life I have hated it but got on with it. Other times completely obsessed. Is it possible you could be depressed? Anti depressants or anti anxiety meds could help?

Blamenargles Sun 12-May-13 17:41:18

Thank you for your replies.

I don't think I have been depressed been a bit more stressed because of this which is them making the phobia worse.
I thi k it is worse since DS because of the higher risk of germs, knowing I will have to deal with him of he's ill and I would have to pull myself together if I'm ill because of DS.
I would normally sit cry and feel very sorry for myself.

I work for a supermarket to good chance of it happening again I and is has happened a lot before just been lucky so far to have not been in.

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