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Sad Feelings

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mrsmobbs Fri 10-May-13 16:58:14

Hi I am an older mum with a DS of 14 and since having him have become over sensitive to anything relating to death, accidents, illness etc involving kids. Let me explain anytime I read about a child who has been raped, murdered, committed suicide or just had an accident, I just start to cry, I think so deeply about the sad loss or injustice and spend days going over the things that they will not be able to do, DS came home yesterday and said boy in his class was hit by a car whilst on his bike on holiday over bank holiday weekend and is in a hospital miles away in an induced coma. He is still with us but I keep thinking about life without him, both for his parents and at school. I am sure we all feel this way, another boy a school committed suicide 18 months ago and it became an obsession as I trawled the net looking for news and read messages on his facebook. I did not even know him. I am glad I have a heart but sometimes it takes over and like today when I should be thinking of my own family I can only think of the lad in hospital. Anyone else this sensitive or do I just need to get a grip.

Roshbegosh Sat 11-May-13 00:07:57

So sorry.
I think we have to somehow try to tune these things out, not altogether, but it is spoiling your life. You might regret that you didn't let yourself enjoy your years with DS more. Maybe you need help though, it is overwhelming to think of all the misery in the world, I am not wanting to dismiss your feelings but genuinely, could you focus more on being thankful? Is your anxiety about him growing up and leaving home?

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