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just want to say and hi and vent some!

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moggy123 Wed 08-May-13 19:15:18

Hi, i'm on citalipram at the moment for drepression and anxiety. I am on 20mg - i tried to come down but that didn't work. I have a theory that this could all be genetic - my grandmother suffered with drepression, my mother does and so does my sister. she has social anxiety disorder. I too get myself into a right state regarding going to any sort of function like a meal out with other people etc. I live 4 hours away from my family. I moved to be with my husband. I find it incredibly hard not being able to see my parents all the time. mum especially. I have joined toddler groups etc which has helped a bit. I have 2 children (with a very close age gap). I hope they don't take after me with regards to anxiety and depression. I'm pretty fed up at the moment as our family seems to have got every cold in existence over the past 3 months. we seem to be all permanently run down and rough. As i write my husband has gone to be early - i suspect he has tonsilitus again. Trying to arrange doctors appointments, get there, (they are always running late) is a regular occurance for me at the moment. feel like i might as well set up camp at the surgery. Anyway, sorry to have rambled on for so long. If anyone wants to chat feel free. Many thanks,

ColouringInQueen Wed 08-May-13 21:01:27

Hi moggy vent away smile. Good to hear you've sought help for your depression and anxiety, and please don't rush to come off the drugs - its more effective to stay on for 6 mths after you feel better generally.

I know its thought there is a genetic element to depression, but I do believe its not inevitable, and that with the right medication, support etc you can feel better, and with things like CBT you can start to change any negative patterns of thinking that prob also run in families. I hope this isn't sounding too abrupt - I'm running out of steam a bit tonight wink.

I can well imagine being at a distance from your family is hard. Do you speak on the phone much/do clever techy Skype things? Lots of family illness is tough at the best of times let alone now. Have you tried multi-vits for everyone - some stuff I read speculates that cos we had such a cloudy 2012 and long winter our immune systems are weaker this year.. might be worth a try.

Hang in there, try and take things easy x

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