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Dementia - GPS Tracking

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Destinationendoftether Wed 08-May-13 17:23:30

I know a little of GPS devices used in dementia care and in principle I think they are a good idea.
A few things to consider though- will the individual reliably keep the device on their person- this is one of the biggest problems I have seen.
Also coverage- in the large geographical area I work in there are quite a lot of black spots and for that reason depending on wherabouts you/they are they may be more or less useful.
Overall I word suggest googling 'telecare' in your local area or even better intact he local council and ask who provides services in the tea,they will be able to do a prope assessment and advise accordingly.
God luck.

headancer Wed 08-May-13 12:17:19

Just wondered what others thought of GPS tracking for dementia and alzheimers ?

I have come across this company who provide a tracking device which fits like a watch. I can then dial the device and it provides the coordinates.

Looks brilliant to me and less invasive than the "Police Tagging", has anybody used these?

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