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Angry, pregnant and soon to be single

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Whatyousaying Sun 05-May-13 02:10:12

Hi last resort really, just need to vent...

I don't know where to start, first of all I am in my twenties with DS whom is 4 I am in second trimester with DC. This is OH's first baby, which was not planned. We however are now happy...

I seem to be angry ALL the time, the only time I'm not is when I'm on my own confused I am easily annoyed, very irritable and the slightest thing makes me annoyed and angry very quickly, I fly off of the handle constantly which makes it difficult for me to keep good relationships, if I don't like something I hear I automatically get in a rage and snap, I am impatient and very bitchy. I think I have ruined my relationship with OH and I'm pretty sure he's going to leave me... Another one bites the dust. I barley let him go out, I lack self confidence, I find it difficult to trust and I am constantly looking for a lie or a problem. I have been let down a lot in the past, lied to, cheated on, walked over, you name it. I have in the past had PND.

It seems the last 3 weeks my moods have heightened and I can't hold in my anger/ annoyance... Oh and i have had a massive row again and for the second night in a row he is sleeping on the couch.... Who should I speak to, is there therapy I can go to etc? What options are there for me? I need to change, I don't want to be a single parent again, I just want to be happy... sadsad my behaviour is not good for DS, OH or bump sad I push everyone away....

Roshbegosh Sun 05-May-13 08:35:30

Is this hormones? Is it as bad this morning in the cool light of day? There must be some help for you, can you see the GP?

Ilikethebreeze Sun 05-May-13 17:33:54

I too wonder whether seeing a GP might ne a good idea.

There are a lot of self help books about.
And I should imagine that the internet would be good for googling.

I think some people may suggest counselling?

What I think I would do, right now, if I were you, is to try and tell your OH what you have said on here.
That you recognise you have problems, and that you are going to try and get them fixed.

Good luck.

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