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Stuck in this dark place

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GracieLoo Fri 03-May-13 18:50:20

Starting a new thread as other one is too long. Not had a good day at all, been taking my meds, been forcing myself to get out, even if it's just taking dd to nursery. But I'm feeling very detached, unsafe, anxious and not thinking clearly. Been unable to work, people around me are kind of aware things aren't great so accepting help with dd but no one knows how bad things are. I'm trying to pretend I'm ok as I hate worrying people and being a burden. If I tell people then things will just collapse around me and I'll lose control.

I feel this major panic inside of me and got a feeling things are going downhill. I'm not in a good place and will ring out of hours of I need to. I was supposed to get a call from cmht today and waited all day for it, so that's left me feeling a bit crap.

GracieLoo Fri 03-May-13 18:58:56

God I'm crying so much. I want to reach out but I find it too hard, why do I find it so hard? I'm so scared. Feel I'm close to losing it, shaking and trying to fight it but scared I want to stop this. Sorry for all this.

bluegaloo Fri 03-May-13 19:04:34

Didn't want to read about ur unhappiness and just move on, so even though I don't have a solution I wanted to say that I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Take care hun, Louise x

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