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I thought I was fine but alas I'm not.

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notsoyoniface Mon 29-Apr-13 10:14:32

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety last year, July I believe. I had been taking 20mg of Citalipram which went up to 40mg at Christmas.

It was really helping I felt good I was achieving at work, starting to lose weight and I started running.

I saw a different doctor, and my 40mg was dropped to 20mg and I ended up self weaning off the citalopram, about 4 weeks ago. The anxiety and depression is coming back, I thought it was pmt as I get that way when I am due on, but I have my period and the feeling has not gone away.

Will the doctor be mad at me for self stopping? I can't make a appointment until next week, I seriously thought I was better.

The problem is that I can't put my finger on what is making me so bloody anxious.

But at least I recognise that it is coming back and I can do something about it now, before it gets as bad as it was last year.

LEMisdisappointed Mon 29-Apr-13 15:56:34

You need to go back to your doctor, how long did you take to wean off? I did this, and now im back to square one - so if i were you i would get an emergency appointment, if you cant do that, get a telephone consultation and start taking the pills again. You should come off citalopram over a period of months not weeks. You sound just like me, anxiety but not sure why - i didn't do anything about it and two years later and im in a really bad place sad

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