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freaking out over an EGG can any1 explain the values???

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PainForLife Sat 27-Apr-13 16:42:50

hi all,

posted un chat the other day but no one seems to know about this so re-posting here in hope someone can put my mind at rest.

I had an ECG last Wednesday which my Dr referred onto a Cardiologist as she wasn't too sure about the results the Cardiologist has asked for a repeat ECG plus a scan which they will do this coming week. I've been having palpitations and always feel like my heart is beating quite fast but I always put this down to my anxiety (I suffer from psychotic depression plus GAD).

I have the following values on my ECG:

Rate 70

PR 121
QT 425
QTc 459


P 74
QRS -4
T 42

I know I'm probably stressing over nothing but can someone just tell me what these values mean in the most simple terms.I think I'm having health anxiety sad

PainForLife Sat 27-Apr-13 17:12:17

sorry just noticed the spelling mistake in title meant to write ECG not EGG!!!

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