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I've reported myself to the dr

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Beebers Wed 24-Apr-13 20:52:04

Also posted this in sn, I really need some advice:

I need help. Tonight ADHD dd had a meltdown and I flipped, I phoned the dr in floods of tears and went down there and told them they had to do something with her as I am going to end up hurting her.

The dr was very kind and contacted camhs but can't promise anything would be done.

I honestly don't know how to handle her temper anymore, I am on the edge. Please help me. In desperate and frightened I'm going to do something awful.

amazingmumof6 Thu 25-Apr-13 04:56:39

I'm so sorry to hear, I hope you are getting some proper sleep.

I have no experience in dealing with ADHD, but wanted to offer my support.

the only thing I can think of right now (note time of posting) is to see if it would be suitable for you to take St. John's Wort, which helps to ease bad moods, stress and anxiety.
it is a herbal preparation that is well known for it's mild antidepressant properties, but it isn't prescribed, so you must check if you can take it as you must not use it if you are taking some other medication or on the Pill.

I have to say kudos to you for not only recognizing you and DD need help but also asking for it, that must have been hard to admit!

you have to pursue the professional help avenue as you are clearly in a bad place, there must be counselling available and lots of practical advice - I'm sure MN will come to your aid!

till then keep moaning, let it out in here at least, it might make you feel better just to vent your anger and frustration!!

And try to drum up some people to look after DD for an hour or two and soon, so you can have a break from her and a bit of me-time to recharge your batteries..

big hugs!

Stupidlyanxious Thu 25-Apr-13 09:38:42

Beebers - well done for asking for help. That is a massive step. You won't be the first to be in this position and I am sure you have been reassured by others on the SN board who have more direct experience.

I have watched a good friend go through this. It was terrible for her - she has a DH but she was coping by herself to all intents & purposes. She would feel angry & frustrated with her DD, angry at herself, desperate for a break but also feeling guilty about that - as though she should be coping. She got herself into a terrible state and it took her a long time to ask for help.

I hope you manage to get some respite and support soon.

How were things this morning?

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