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Daughter diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder.. how can I help?

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MedusaIsHavingABadHairDay Tue 23-Apr-13 23:34:46

She is in the process of 'getting in the system' with the MH team where she is at Uni, but the docs are pretty clear that this is her diagnosis and it makes perfect sense to me as from early teens her 'mood swings' were far more profound and odd, for want of a better word, than could be attributed to hormones. She is 19 now.
Her highs are fairly brief but manic.. doesn't need food or sleep and could climb Everest in a bikini! Her lows are more frequent and awful and self harm has been a problem since she was 14.

As her mum I am just very very glad that she has taken the brave step to get help and hopefully manage better, but I am very ignorant about BP and want to help the best I can..

Any tips, thoughts or what to expect ..what meds? etc She is doing an NHS related degree and generally the NHS seems to be supportive to their students with MH difficulties (her elder sister is a med student with ASD/OCD and also under an MH team and has had fab care) but I worry a bit about her working future, cos I'm her mum!

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