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Would CBT help DH?

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BaconAndAvocado Mon 22-Apr-13 18:12:22

DH seems to go from slightly stressed to full on angry very very quickly.

As I have had some CBT about 2 years ago I know how helpful it can be with helping you look at a situation in a different way and not immediately going into meltdown, be that anxiety, anger, depression etc.

I have suggested it to him and he seems open to the idea but wondered:
A. Would he get this on the nhs? (I did, but wasn't coping generally)
B. Would it be beneficial?

Unfortunatelyanxious Mon 22-Apr-13 20:54:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BaconAndAvocado Mon 22-Apr-13 21:02:53

Thanks for response unfortunately

I'm not sure if its anger management issues? He just seems to be in a cycle of reacting to quite small things in an inappropriately extreme way..Maybe it is anger management?

BaconAndAvocado Mon 22-Apr-13 21:06:39

Luckily when I had CBT I got an appointment within 2 weeks and I wasn't that bad ( in my opinion?)

Also thought about yoga to he him relax more?

Unfortunatelyanxious Mon 22-Apr-13 21:17:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BaconAndAvocado Mon 22-Apr-13 22:21:11

No, he's not reluctant to go but it seems to get forgotten, until the next time he blows up.

Sometimes I feel like he's looking for something to be angry about, which is why I think CBT would be a good idea. It's turning into a default setting when faced with a problem and he needs to train himself to deal with it differently.

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