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ESA refusla, having a breakdown, help? history of yrs of depression, now find myself in some weird spacey place after yrs of stress.

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piratecat Thu 18-Apr-13 15:40:06

Hi i started a thread a few days ago, but it's in chat and i just need it to be here. I should have started it here i thread i started a few days ago.
I had a breakdown that lasted 2 yrs back in 2000. I felt suicidal on and off. Before that had and continuing depression. Had it most my life.

basically about plunging into this weird space

I thought i would feel a bit better by today, this weird thing started saturday/sunday. I don't feel suicidal, i feel like i am not in my body/mind. Have prob gone 'pop'. Dr told me to take one more of my prozac.

ColouringInQueen Thu 18-Apr-13 21:08:29

Hi Piratecat really sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. I can't offer advice on the ESA stuff - tho hope some of the posters on yr previous thread have given some useful things you can get your head round when you're up to it. I know what you mean about the spacey feeling (have been suffering from dep/anx since new year, tho improving a bit now - also on Prozac). Just wanted to say you're not alone, keep posting here if it helps. Also if you want to talk to someone at any time I would recommend the samaritans - have spoken to them myself and helped me clear my head a little. You probably are, but do the minimum. Rest/watch TV when your DDs at school. Eat easy food etc. When's your next GP appt?

piratecat Fri 19-Apr-13 09:01:46

thanks, it's next wednesday. xx sorry you have had this.

coxspippin Fri 19-Apr-13 13:13:18

dear piratecat, you could check with a psychiatrist about dissociation/ depersonalisation/ derealisation. mine gave me lamotrigine, but with an ssri antidepressant. but forgive me- i'm no expert.
on ESA refusal: benefits and work website may help you (though a fee to join) or rethink helpline, or a local community advice service who are free and with a good success at winning appeals (- each one me in the past and may help you)

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