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Anxiety and panic attacks

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nosuchthingasagruffelo Tue 16-Apr-13 20:12:10

Hi everyone

I've been suffering from anxiety for a number of years since I had PND it manifests itself as health anxiety surrounding my heart and weight causing panic attacks.

I have tried medication which didn't help and I'm currently on my second course of cognitive behavioural therapy!

I was wondering if anyone had any success in getting rid permenantly or could help me manage it.

I've been struggling lately as I'm just weeks away from sitting my driving test and every palpatation or change in pulse rate I am terrifying myself with panic!

I'm sorry for rambling on I've just had enough now I've spent the past 10 minutes crying on the kitchen floor and I could really do with some advice or to know I'm not alone!

Thankyou for listening

magimedi Wed 17-Apr-13 00:18:46

You are not alone - don't want to read & run.

I have had anxiety problems & citralopram helped somewhat.

7/11 breathing helped a lot - in for 7 out for 11.

I know that sounds like a stupidly simple answer, but it really helped me.

You are not alone, lots of us suffer or have suffered from the appaling anxiety attacks.

PrincessConsuella Wed 17-Apr-13 10:36:40

Hi nosuchthing, i torally understand how you feel.I suffer from anxiety attacks everyday for the past couple of months. It started as a bad case of health anxiety and now I suffer panic attacks every time I think if getting into a train..I used to commute to work with no problem but nowadays it is such a magimedi said breathing helps..another thing which helps me is that convincing everything around me is fine and normal.. If that makes sense. Also music helps alot

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