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Homeopathy- anyone tried it??

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sillymummy11 Sun 14-Apr-13 22:28:14

Hello. I was referred to a homeopath by my GP as I kept stopping taking Sertraline due to the horrible side effects. I thought that she may as well have cut to the chase and told me they were psychosomatic! So, I cynically went to the appointment, and have been taking my placebo sugar pills as prescribed.

However, the first time I took them I then felt the worst I'd felt (depressed) for a VERY long time...which then wore off...but each time I take them it seems to coincide with me feeling really awful, and more to the point exceptionally annoyed with my separated from husband to the point that I can't bear to be around him.

The side effects- perhaps coincidence, seem to have reduced.

Has anyone else tried homeopathy? Has it worked for anyone? Has anyone else been thrown into the pit of despair, hostility and inertia by it? Is it all in my head?

nenevomito Sun 14-Apr-13 22:46:39

Homeopathy is, just as you said, sugar pills. Maybe your GP thought that if you weren't going to take to prescribed stuff, that maybe a placebo would work.

I'm not clear about what you mean about side effects. Stopping sertraline will stop the sertraline side effects. You won't get the same side effects from the homeopathy stuff as there's nothing in them.

sillymummy11 Sun 14-Apr-13 23:17:31

I've not stopped the Sertraline at all, or even reduced the dosage- the idea was that if the side effects were sorted then I would keep on them, and keep stable. I've been the Sertraline reluctantly for nearly 3 years now (but kept quitting it and ending up in a mess).

I was waking up, often a few times a night soaked in sweat, though freezing, and smelling of chemicals. I'd often have to change my nightwear halfway through the night. Recently, this has been greatly reduced and I've even been able to wear pyjamas 2 nights in a row(unheard of!!)

LynetteScavo Sun 14-Apr-13 23:21:21

So are you saying you think the sugar pills are working to combat the side effects (sweating), but are also making you feel depressed?

Jollyb Sun 14-Apr-13 23:31:06

Not sure about the homeopathy side of things, but have you tried any other antidepressants?

sillymummy11 Mon 15-Apr-13 00:07:37

LynetteScavo well that's the point I don't know if the sugar pills are making me depressed, or if I'm just getting depressed confused which doesn't happen very often if I stay on the things...but...not sleeping, but tired all the time, house is a state, can't be bothered to eat...list goes on. I'm usually ok as long as I keep taking the AD's.

Jollyb Yes. Lots, over an 18 year period. GP thinks that I should stick with this one as the results are good and all the SSRI's that I've been put on have made me a big sweaty mess.

louise4012 Sun 28-Apr-13 12:41:51

Sadly, from what I hear, it is very hard to get off anti-depressants and doctors are wrong to prescribe them like sweeties. They should tell people that they are on them for life because it is nearly impossible to get off them due to horrendous withdrawal effects.

It would make it difficult for homeopathy to work against them.

narmada Sun 28-Apr-13 12:47:29

louise24 that is not always the case. Pleade don't frighten people for whom anti-ds may be lifesaving.

Have your night sweats bern properly investigated OP? That's not something that shoukd be casually attributed to anti-d withdrawal/ side-effects IMHO.

I think your issues are more likely to do wiyh poor medicine compliance OP. If there is one thing guaranteed to make SSRI side effects worse it is taking them irregularly or abruptly stopping and starting them.

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