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PMT and Yasmin - alternatives

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mydoorisalwaysopen Sun 14-Apr-13 12:28:21

I have been on Yasmin for a few years for PMT and it's been very effective but I'm having such severe headaches I think I need to stop taking them. I'm worried about the PMT returning as I frightened myself and had terrible images flashing through my head. What else is there?

Jezabelle Mon 15-Apr-13 21:59:25

Fluoxetine? I'm on it for general depression, (and think it's AMAZING BTW). But I have a friend who had severe PMT, (throwing large objects at DH and DCs etc) and it's transformed her. Also, do bare in mind that your hormone cycle may have changed anyway and you may not be experiencing PMT to the same degree, or at all anymore.

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