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Anxiety returning...

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FarmerKate Sat 13-Apr-13 20:01:06

Have suffered from moderate anxiety for as long as I can remember, severe over the past 2 years. Mostly work-related (i.e. am mostly happy at weekends when with the kids, but bomb from Sunday evening onwards, gnawing in pit of stomach etc). Have not been too bad since on pizotifen for migraines as it turns me into a total zombie but have been suffering last night (awake worrying about work), fine all day but now getting bad again (as kids gone to bed). Anyone got any recommendations for hot to not let this take over my life again? Am terrified it is all coming back how it was and not sure I can take that again. Any advice gratefully received...

cjel Sat 13-Apr-13 22:09:46

This is so miserable, I too have bouts of anxiety and hate those feelings you describe. I try to only think of where I am now. On my sofa safe and warm. I will deal with for eg. work when work happens. I also found that a good counsellor was brilliant in helping me 'unpack' where the feelings come from and whether they are relevant to my situation now. One thing I do know is that just because you are having similar feeling to those you had before that all they are and you can chose to go up or down in a way. Remember our moods are changing all the time and just as we wouldnt expect exceptional happiness to last for ever, anxiety will not last for ever our mods ebba nd flow all the time. BUT this level of anxiety may well be as bad as it gets for you and no way means its going to get worse again.

FarmerKate Sun 14-Apr-13 19:33:53

Thanks, that is very encouraging! Did you find counselling helped? I have tried but not succeeded - but think this may be because I am too scared to stop worrying about things in case it means bad things will happen. Which I know is bonkers.I do hate feeling like this. Wld love to be a normal persaon and not wake up every day with dread in my stomach!

cjel Sun 14-Apr-13 20:22:39

Person centred counselling has been amazing for me. The scariest place to be is where you are now. You have realised that you want to make changes but they seem scary, but you don't want to go back to where you were.You are a normal person!! I was told once that we are scared of the successful person we are so that however bad things are at the moment we hang on to them because of the fear of change. I just watched Jo Brand on tv and she was raising money for Anxiety Alliance. I went on their website and ordered a couple of books!! They also have a helpline phone no.

Catmint Sun 14-Apr-13 22:09:06

I get paralysed by anxiety in the night, too. Have found listening to audiobooks really helpful, if I am not going to be able to sleep, the stories distract me from worrying. I favour decent children's stories or stuff like terry pratchett because I found that anything more thought provoking made me tense, waiting for the plot to unfold. If an audiobook is read by a pleasant voice but a tense plot, I listen to it during the day first so there are no nasty surprises!

cjel Tue 16-Apr-13 10:08:13

How are you Farmer?

FarmerKate Fri 19-Apr-13 09:50:10

Thanks - is so nice to not feel alone! I have booked another GP appointment but can't bring myself to go back to the CBT - it feels like a lot of money for a discussion which ends up basically blaming my mother (who I love dearly and really don't see the point of blaming - anyway I don't really care why I am this way, I just want to stop it!). Is person-centred counselling different? Audiobooks a good plan, we have loads of kids ones for the car, just need to find earphones...Will look into the anxiety alliance. I think am getting anxious ahead of time because at the moment am on tablets (for migraine) which completely knock me out, and the nice benefit has been that I worry less and sleep better. But I need to stop them as can't keep awake during the day and am already worrying about the anxiety coming back...and I don't want to be in that place again. Thanks so much for replying, both of you, it is so reassuring just to be told that other people feel this way too.

cjel Fri 19-Apr-13 14:39:26

Person centred counselling is what it says on the tin!! It follows what you say, it is non directive and you will be encouraged to explore what you feel. It should be only what you want to discuss and at your own pace, amazing results in my experience. I also found that a multi vitamin with magnesium have helped my migraines. Hope you feel ok today. I got 'free yourself from anxiety' today, they recommend relaxation tapes and exercises and a journal to note down your levels of anxiety and when in the day you experienced them and eating little and often, seeing if anxiety is worse when hungry etc. Let you know how I get on with it only read couple of chapters so far xx

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