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mum's depression - what can I do?

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weewilliewinkie Sun 14-May-06 09:25:41

My mum has suffered with depression for at least 10 years. No medication has seemed to help for any length of time ( I don't know which one she's on at the moment).

I don't want to sound harsh, but I'm getting so fed up with it. We live in different countries but speak regularly so I always know her state of mind, at least to some extent. I think she hides from me how bad she really gets...She knows I'm quite different from her, personality wise and she maybe feels that I wouldn't understand. I would, I just want to do something proactive to help.

I've tried to persuade her to take up some kind of exercise, just something gentle like swimming, or walking, but she doesn't do anything. She doesn't work, and lives purely on benefits. She has a nice little flat but she hates it. My parents divirced about 10 years ago, so this has been the trigger - I think she feels so hard done by, but instead of trying to get positive, she just wallows. She does have a partner, a nice man who she spends all her weekends with and occasionally they go on holiday, but I get the feeling he won't take things any further until she's better. I'm sure she's drinking too much and I can't bear the thought of her sitting in her flat alone at night drinking till she's drunk. She doesn't sleep well as it is.

What could I be doing? Can anyone recommend anything - books that might help, homeopathic remedies, anything? How have others coped with parents with depression?


fransmom Sat 27-May-06 10:29:38

hi www, hows you today? st john's wort is supposed to be good, but that depends on the person remembering to take it in the first place. not really much more to add, hth x

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