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overtheraenbow Wed 10-Apr-13 00:49:28

Went to see my GP today after finally plucking up courage and after much persuasion from family and friends to go. Mid divorce and things gave got a little unpleasant ( separation, relocating countries, affair discovery, new squeeze meeting kids after 2 weeks in relationship , mediation a total joke, stbx being a nob generally etc )

Anyway feeling down but don't think I'm depressed IYSWIM. Doc says severe stress . But maybe just putting a brave face on it ( which I know I do , suspect I did when dd born with post natal depression , but chin up and smile is the way I've been brought up to react to stress !! ! )

So said to doctor don't want to go down sleeping pills/anti depressants etc but would consider counselling.
She told me there is no counselling service offered on NHS in my area anymore except for severe MH issues. I am not working ATM as had to relocate following split otherwise would be happy to do privately.

She basically gave me a photocopied list with a load of phone numbers on(relate Avow etc)
So my question is paying for counselling my only option, as this means I'm not going to be able to commence till September when I go back to work?
Thanks for any advice.

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