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Feeling defeated by life

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tinypumpkin Tue 09-Apr-13 14:01:35

That pretty sums up how I am feeling at the moment. It all just seems too much and it's hard to see the positives. I keep trying to change things but never seem to get anywhere and I guess that I feel pretty lonely too.

Not looking for advice really I suppose, I think I just needed to say it out loud.

stripeyjimjams Tue 09-Apr-13 14:47:04

Do you want to say any more about it, pumpkin? I couldn't read your post and run - I call my DH pumpkin.

I get what you mean by feeling defeated by life. I'm getting that right now. I'm just trying to stay distracted with work. Are you getting support from your GP / MH team?

tinypumpkin Tue 09-Apr-13 21:09:00

Sorry to hear you are finding things tough too stripey and thank you for replying. I do hope that the distraction helps you.

I am not sure what else to say. I did see the GP last week but it was a bit hopeless tbh. Work is not helping, it all just feels a bit much. I have an underactive thyroid and my levels are out atm so they think it may be related to that. Perhaps it is but it just means waiting for another 4-6 weeks for the next blood test and then seeing what that shows. I will go back if I am still feeling crappy but will see someone else this time. I have so been here before and don't want to go down that route again.

Thanks again.

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