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Feeling physically ill with anxiety

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Stupidlyanxious Mon 08-Apr-13 15:55:24

Have n/c'd for this post. I am too embarrassed to post under my regular MN guise.

For over a year now I have been experiencing a variety of symptoms: breathlessness, chest pain, loss of appetite (altho no weight loss), bloating, insomnia, shaking and shivering. Doctors seem to agree that although the symptoms are physical the actual problem is psychological and I have some kind of anxiety disorder.

This all came out of the blue in as much as I have nothing to be anxious about. I cannot find any trigger - either from the initial episode or subsequent occurrences. This is now ruling my life. I don't feel safe to drive, I worry constantly about symptoms (which of course exacerbates everything). I just feel like I am barely getting through each day. I don't feel able to care fully for my DCs.

I can't imagine what "normal" feels like anymore.

I have gone from being a happily busy mum who would not think twice about taking DCs on all kinds of adventures alone here and overseas, having a good social life and rarely going to the doctors to becoming an isolated basket case who rarely leaves the house.

I have an appt with psych this week but I am just at the end of my tether. I'm not sure what I expect from this post really. I just want to stop feeling so awful. Sometimes I notice that I am almost holding my breath or at least not breathing easily/naturally so I guess perhaps it is all my own doing.

DH is supportive but since doctors have given up on medical investigations I fear he is secretly thinking I should just pull myself together.

Allysunflower Fri 12-Apr-13 19:43:04

That sounds encouraging and I really hope you get the right meds, I've no experience of either but my psychiatrist had once said about the venlaflaxine, but I didn't and went off the mirtazapine after 3 months on to citalopram as I'd had it before? but now I'm taking escitalopram as of Tuesday night this last week, I may have to have another med added the psychiatrist mentioned seroquel as an add on? I'm not sure tho as I'm feeling so bad with the nausea still and anxiety/agitation,im not sure if I'm expecting too much but I feel worse so far? it's horrible all thissad I wish you all the best and hope things work out for you x

bullinthesea Fri 19-Apr-13 18:55:55

I can totally relate as I have been suffering with anxiety & depression for just over two years. I'm gradually getting better with the help of medication, also, some other things that have helped are:

Going for CBT.
Mindfulness meditation.
Therapy with a psychotherapist to get to the root of my issues.
'Noticing' when I am having unhelpful thoughts that make the symptoms worse (takes practise!), and taking a moment to decide how I want to react to those thoughts/feelings.
Also, I downloaded a book off amazon, not sure if I'm allowed to mention it on here, but I've found it really has given me a boost, if you'd like to know the details, PM me & I'd be happy to pass on the details.

All the best ;)

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