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Jezabelle Sun 07-Apr-13 20:54:55

I realised recently that I was suffering from depression. I was quite anxious and hugely inpatient with my DCs. I flew off the handle easily and sometimes felt scared that I may hurt them. I was not feeling suicidal but kept having involuntary images running through my head of inflicting violence on myself, (shooting myself in the head for instance). But it was the constant crying that finally made me see the doctor.

They prescribed me fluoxetine. They are just amazing! I am clearly very susceptible to them. I am feeling so much more confident and am not losing my temper with the DCs. I just feel like me but on a good day all the time!

I was not keen to take the pills at first. It made me feel like a failure initially, but I am so incredibly pleased that I have done this! My DCs have got back the mum that they deserve.

I just wanted to share this as I realise there will be people out there in the same situation as I was and considering whether or not to take pills. I know I have been particularly fortunate that these drugs have worked so very well for me. I sort of want to stay on them for ever!

Ginformation Sun 07-Apr-13 20:59:22

Thank you for posting your positive experience. Glad you are feeling better smile You are not alone feeling reluctant to take medication, part of depression can stop you from seeing a solution. Meds are a very helpful thing to a lot of people to help on the road to recovery. Talking therapies often help alongside meds. Hope you continue to feel well.

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