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Depression or early menopause?

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devonsmummy Fri 05-Apr-13 17:17:57

I've suffered with depression twice before and taken AD's each time.
Last time was 18mths ago - doc said I was seriously depressed & was surprised I'd gone so long without visiting him. After 6 months on meds I felt better than I had been & decided to stop taking them. Still have 3 months supply sitting at home.
The last few weeks I've been feeling really angry like my chest is going to burst. The kids on half term have pushed me to the limit this week & reduced me to tears today.
But I'm not sure if its depression again as I was more teary, less angry previous times.
I've been convinced I'm starting an early menopause as have gone from 28 day cycle 7 years ago to 24 day 4 years ago to 21-23 days lately.
I've read on here that anger can also be a symptom...
Don't know whether to take Ad's I have at home ... They made me really sick last time so would wait til end of school hold

newgirl Fri 05-Apr-13 17:20:12

could all be combined (not a doc btw!) - im reading a book about perimenopause and it does say depression is one of the symptoms - it also bangs on about the importance of rest time, eating well, getting exercise - all the things that go out of the window when busy with kids.

Hope you ok x

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