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new job + prozac = effing disaster?

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freezingdrizzle Wed 03-Apr-13 16:24:39

I will try to keep this brief... But I have just returned to work after 2 years unpaid maternity leave. I have returned to similar job - but MUCH more stressful role. I am only part time, but am still struggling to deal with leaving my DD. She is being looked after by my mum who she adores but long term I will need to find a nanny.
I have also just started therapy and ADs (prozac) due to depression & serious anxiety disorders. I know my therapist will not tell me to leave my job but am i taking on too much?? I feel like I am going to combust...
It has only been 10 days on the prozac (20mg) and I feel quite out of it. My limbs feel quite leaden. And I am struggling to concentrate.
The job is very high pressured & not where I see myself in 5 years time but it is very prestigious and I don't feel I can walk away.

I also don't actually think I can do it either. I am basically hiding in the office at the moment.

So. Any tips? Just reread this and I sound a bit bonkers/desperate.

ColouringInQueen Wed 03-Apr-13 20:02:18

Hi feelingdrizzle, not sure I have a huge amount of advice but wanted to send some sympathetic vibes - that all sounds really tough, not bonkers. 10 days on the Prozac is early days, its often takes 2-4 weeks to start to have an effect (I'm on it too....) Work is a tough one - on one hand it can give you a sense of purpose and distract the mind, but on the other as you say it is stressful and ime that's not great for anxiety. I would be tempted to say stick it out a bit longer until the Prozac starts to have an effect (and therapy). Is there any rush to find a nanny? If its possible, I'd suggest tackling one thing at a time - eg letting the Prozac kick in, then review work, then look at the nanny thing. Anyhow you've done really well to return to work at all, so try and be kind to yourself x

freezingdrizzle Wed 03-Apr-13 22:26:26

Thank you for your words of support. Yes all feels a muddle. I should tackle things individually instead of staring at the whole mess all the time. Bite-sized junks are always easier to deal with. Looking forward to the Prozac mellowing me out a bit. Fingers crossed.

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