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Question about citralopram withdrawal - or not?

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gingeme Sun 24-Mar-13 20:55:25

You really need to ask your gp first. I have been told it is not good to just stop taking them.
Well done on your move. Seems to have been the right one. Long May your good health last smile

Llareggub Sun 24-Mar-13 20:52:28

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in October last year, as a reaction to various things going on in my life. Initially I was prescribed escitralopram. A few moths ago I had a complete lifestyle change, and moved from England to Wales and went from full to part time. Following the move, I was prescribed citralopram instead, which coincided with a humdinger of a cold. I was basically shattered for 3 weeks.

I missed 2 pills due a mix up, and am due to start a new pack. Thing is, having missed 2 days I feel absolutely great, full of energy for the first time since starting on it.

Any thoughts?

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