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Had enough today.

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eve34 Tue 19-Mar-13 16:26:04

Big fat selfish rant coming up. I expect no response just need to get it out there.

Have been stuck at home for 5 weeks with broken hip and 9 month old baby. Have 6 year old son who is having shit time at school. Senco involved but there is something everyday. Today he kicked the teacher and ran away.

I am slowly going mad with restless bored baby. Washing, bottles and pack lunches.

Dp. Not so d. Is working away. Complains about me being fed up and I should be pleased I'm at home

I go back to work soon after mat leave. Part of me is pleased. Most of me is dreading it.

Off to walk the dog, cook tea, do washing and make pack lunches again.

I have a sad non existent life. I want to run away.

narmada Tue 19-Mar-13 21:59:47

I had to reread your post several times just ro check I had understoid correctly.... you at home on your own with a broken hip, a baby, and a schoolie? Holy moley, It is no wonder you are down. And your partner thinks you should be grateful shock?

Do you like your job? If so I can reassure you this is likely to be a revelation. Coffee breaks to yourself. Lunch hours. Ten mins here or there to surf the web qnd best of all, someone else to do the monotonous drudgery aspects of child rearing ( washing, cooking fish fingers)

I feel for you. Do you have any family help?

eve34 Wed 20-Mar-13 07:15:12

Thank you for the kind reply. Yes I'm on my own. My mum who lives 200 miles away and doesn't drive stayed with us for 3 weeks. She was a god send. I needed to get back on my feet so she could go home. So dp thinks I can do everything because I have forced myself to do it.

Just feel myself slipping, getting more fed up, anxious about returning to work, apathetic about doing anything. Now not wanting to go out.

Know the key is probably dp but he won't change. All I get is he is at work all day and he would love to be at home.

I do enjoy my job. Just the politics of it. Anxious about going back, anxious about leaving the baby and I travel across 2 counties I endlessly worry about not being there for ds if there is a problem at school.

Guessing the solution is addressing the worry/anxiety. Just don't want to open the box that will show me how little dp cares and having to deal with that.

Thank you for the reply. At the hospital today. So trip out on the bus.

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