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PlantASeedWatchItGrow Wed 13-Mar-13 12:31:39

Im suffering really badly with anxiety and panic attacks....saw doctor on Monday he gave me se tablets to take if the panic attacks get to much but they are addictive so can't take everyday. I don't want to take one incase I have a bad reaction or get addicted.

I just want to feel better again.....I can't cope with the never ending anxiety building inside me.

Healthsw Wed 20-Mar-13 01:27:41

Yappy - oh, be my guest. Go and discover who and what is there. nmp is to depression what David Cameron is to the economy.

TooYappy Wed 20-Mar-13 08:44:45

No, I had a little look, it looks a bit fluffy for me, fluffy sites are usually deceiving. grin I had a little read, they don't have PTSD there so they may see me as 'different' which is fair enough as I am but.... I did look though!

Healthsw Wed 20-Mar-13 11:23:53

Funnily enough...PTSD is probably what a lot of people have after visiting it, and leaving the site to avoid....the site. when you say fluffy...is that "people seem to be acting nice, for themselves" ?

tbh "different" might not be what they have in mind. "next victim" might be more appropriate.... grin

TooYappy Wed 20-Mar-13 12:13:28

I think sometimes people can act a bit OTT to hide their inner-self, I might go back to have a look but tbh having people with anxiety disorders running and maintaining the site can never be a good thing, you're always going to get a few people on a bad day and I notice some of them like me do not go out a lot, some not at all, that makes me think they get together online and have a good old bitch.

I'm pleased you escaped alive and SOH intact! grin

BerkshireMum Wed 27-Mar-13 07:05:49

I've just found this thread and wanted to know how OP is doing.

I suffered with terrible anxiety and panic attacks about two and a half years ago. I ended up resigning from a very good, senior job and spent two years as a SAHM. Financially it was beyond tough - we only just held things together and our lifestyle changed dramatically.

For me, it worked. I also resisted regular medication. I was prescribed citolopram but didn't take it. I did take occasional diazepam to help with the really bad nights and I got through, sometimes hour by hour never mind day by day.

Often, even when I got to sleep I'd wake in the early hours in a blind panic and then not be able to sleep again. My coping strategies were various but, if I wanted to stay in bed rather than get up and get busy, I'd either force myself to read a trashy novel (sometimes I read the same page dozens of times) or I'd play a silly game on my phone or iPad. I had to force myself to do it, but it did help a bit. If the anxiety got really bad, I'd get out of bed and make myself do something.

Taking control for the anxiety and panic attacks was the hardest thing and the turning point for me. It didn't stop them at first, but it made a difference not letting them control me as much. I second the importance of being able to call someone and just asking them to talk to you.

Looking back, about six months are a fog. I know I functioned ok, but I don't know how and I only did it because I didn't have to try and work as well. I still have occasionally night-waking anxiety attacks, but these are triggered by financial worries and I can manage them more easily. I start a new job next month and I finally feel I can cope again.

I do hope this, like the other stories, help you realise how common this is. You are not alone and you will get through it.

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