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Son's dad is depressed

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Jezabelle Fri 15-Mar-13 06:55:14

There's a book called Mind Over Mood that is supposed to be good. Also he could try more exercise, less alcohol (if he drinks) as this is a depressant. I'd keep gently encouraging the dr though.

TastyTurnip Thu 14-Mar-13 21:57:13

I suggested he go and speak to the doctor, or a councilor, but he said he wouldn't go to either as he doesn't want it "on his record".

Is there any way for me to help him at all?

Jezabelle Wed 13-Mar-13 22:38:52

Has he been to the doctors? This should definitely be the first thing to find out/encourage. If he is able to get better his relationship with your son is far More likely to improve. Good luck.

TastyTurnip Wed 13-Mar-13 00:26:19

My ex has told me he thinks he is depressed. He has had quite inconsistant contact with our 8 m/o son (through his choice) and doesn't interact with him much while seeing him, getting very frustrated and impatient with him. He seems to see him more as something to "show off" and be "able to do" than as a little person.

I am just looking for any advice how to help him on the depression aspect, as he has no close family, no friends really other than a girlfriend. We are on friendly terms and he tends to confide things in me but I don't really know how to answer or help a lot of the time. From what he has said it seems to be more lots of little everyday things getting to him and building up rather than anything actually "wrong".
And also any advice on how to help him bond with our son in a more positive way would be greatly appreciated.

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