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Medicating anxiety/anger

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My depression has manifested as irritability/moodiness, and I've found myself very snappy. I know if I've forgotten to take my anti-depressants for a couple of days because the first thing to reappear is my short fuse alongside a general "meh" feeling about life and myself.

Have any of the doctors given you a questionnaire to fill out?

I'm not a doctor, so I can only give my own experience, but I found that taking the pill (which I tried initially as I thought my bad mood may be PMT) made it much much worse.

Irritability is listed as a symptom on the Mind website, and you may find that some of the other symptoms ring a bell.

Is there anything else (outside factors) that could be contributing to the way that you feel? EG little sleep, unsupportive partner, problems at work?

That's not to say that those ^ things would mean that you ^weren't depressed, it's just worth exploring if there's anything that is making you feel exasperated that you could change/improve?

As for what to do next, I'd base a decision on how I was coping.

I have a history of depression and was well aware that going back onto anti-depressants was going to involve a period where I felt worse, before it got better (as this is my previous experience of taking these medications).

As such I refused medication until I hit a point where I was no longer coping, and needed to find a solution.

If you find that a number of things on that list particularly resonate with you, then it may be worth printing it off and taking it with you on your next visit. It's easy to forget things during an appointment.

pamelat Tue 12-Mar-13 21:59:52

I think I had post natal depression after Dd (she's 5)? In fact let's say that I know I did but no one would listen.

Things got better, as she got easier really at about the age of one.

I had ds and coped ok until he was about 18 months and I think I've been bad since then (18 months ago)

I'm not sure if I'm depressed as I'm not necessarily "sad"

What I am is uptight, short tempered, mildly paranoid, easily upset, volatile, restless and just anxious and angry. Irritable would be the best word

I exercise regularly. I work part time. I only drink socially. Blah blah blah

I went to the gp again (4th visit?) about this but fortunately it was a new doctor and a she and she did listen. She prescribed the pill (hadn't taken for a year or so) and said it may be hormonal.

This last month, on the pill, has been my worst yet. I'm perserverimg as she said to give it 3 months.

If after 3 months (8 more weeks) there is nonimprovement then shell prescribe anti depressants.

I just wanted to ask whether 1) I am depressed? I think I need calming down rather than being made "up"? Is this all the same but just symptoms of depression? 2) has the pill ever been used successfully to modify mood? 3) what would you suggest?

Today is a good day, probably because I've been at work and been to the gym.

I only seem to be able to cope with "space"

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